Magic Lessons


Private Magic Lessons

The Amazing Todsky offers private magic lessons for the serious student. 

Whether you would like expert advice on the magic act you are working on, or you would like to learn some basic techniques and sleights with cards or coins, your lessons will be tailor-made for your specific magic interests and goals.  

Gift certificates are also available if you know of someone who would appreciate a magic lesson.

One 60 minute lesson is $75, one 75 minute lesson is $95, one 90 minute lesson is $110. 

Every sixth lesson you will receive a gift certificate equivalent to the monetary value of  an individual lesson ($75, $95 or $110) good towards any purchase at Todsky’s Magic Shop.


School Activity Magic Lessons (Lunch Hour and After School)

The Amazing Todsky is also available to teach magic workshops for groups of elementary students in grades 1+2, 3+4 and 5+6. 


Make your own kids magic workshop

You can arrange your own kids workshop at your home. The cost is $150 for each one hour session, for up to 6 students. Recommended for ages 8+. 

If you prefer to hold the magic workshops at the magic shop, the cost is $120 for each one hour session, for up to 6 students. 


Children’s Group Workshops

COMING IN SEPTEMBER: We will be hosting beginner magic lessons for young magicians at Todsky’s Magic Shop. There will be lessons on card magic, coin magic, rope magic, mentalism, showmanship, patter, etc etc. Suggested for children ages 6-11 yrs.


Please contact Todd for more info:  or (514) 951-8633