The Amazing Todsky


“Thank you Amazing Todsky for my daughter’s magical birthday party. The kids laughed all the way through as much as they were amazed. The best is that the loot bags you prepped made the magic fun last beyond the show! It was a pleasure dealing with you.”  —Anne


Shows are personalized for age groups, or can be presented for mixed ages. The main attraction is, of course, The Amazing Todsky’s magic show, but you can also add on other options: balloon animals, magic lessons, magic loot bags, and even Todsky’s Suspension Illusion in which the birthday child is suspended in mid-air! (Don’t forget to take a photo of your child floating!)

3-5 year olds (35 minute show )

You will hear the children laughing throughout the entire show, because The Amazing Todsky is truly a stand-up comedian for preschoolers! The show centres around visual slapstick comedy and silly tricks and funny magic words and magic wands that go wrong. The 3-5 year olds are more interested in the silly stuff, and all the tricks that are presented to them are purely visual and easy to understand: all kinds of things appear, disappear, change colour, and float throughout the show. And at the end, a skunk appears!(not a real one, but it sure looks and moves like a real skunk!). After the show, you may be quite surprised (as many parents have been) that a magician can keep the attention of such young children for an entire show, and that is one of the qualities and talents that sets The Amazing Todsky apart from other magicians.

 And, of course, balloon animals are a very popular add-on after a live show!

6-8 year olds (40 minute show)

This is the age where children may begin questioning if magic is real or not, and so the magic presented by The Amazing Todsky for this age group is more sophisticated, as well as more interactive. Although there is still comedy and highly visual illusion throughout, the narrative and storytelling is more mature, and a little card magic and mind-reading is introduced into the show. This age group tends to be very enthusiastic, with a strong desire to participate in every trick, and to question and comment throughout the show, and this is strongly encouraged!

And, of course, balloon animals are a popular add-on after a live show.

9-12 year olds (40 – 60 minute show)

Of course, very few kids of this age believe in magic or the tooth fairy anymore, and if a magician insists on pretending he can do real magic to this age group, he will likely be heckled throughout the show, if he even makes it to the end! The Amazing Todsky does not claim to possess real powers, however… he does claim certain special abilities which allow him to bend the laws of nature slightly, and to use certain hitherto unknown scientific principles borrowed from the not too distant future. However he does what he does, it is this age group that is particularly impressed by some of Todsky’s impossibly mind-blowing card tricks, as well as his mind-reading demonstrations. And of course they are also impressed by his natural wit, charm, humour and, of course, his great modesty.

 A popular add-on option after the show is a Magic Lessons Workshop. Children in this age group love to learn how to do a few cool magic tricks themselves, and The Amazing Todsky is an excellent magic instructor.

A big thank you for your amazing performance at our daughter’s 8th birthday party! The children and the adults alike loved the show. The magic loot bags were the greatest.  The children were still talking about the party at school on Monday.  My daughter said that the magician was the best part of her birthday and for the past two nights, has fallen asleep with her magic wand clasped in her hand…


Thank you for making my son Allan’s 5th birthday party such a treat. It was fascinating to watch your interaction with the kids who, at that age, are brutally honest. The kids were howling at your slapstick and magic tricks while the adults were laughing at the comments coming from the mouths of the children and the overall effect of the show. As someone who is a lifelong admirer of comedy and a firm believer in the power of humour, I really appreciated your talent.


“My son has absolutely despised any clown, santa claus, magician, juggler, or any other performer known to mankind to the point that he needs to leave the room if there is one present. From the moment you started your show, something really “magical” happened, Michael was not only interested, but after a few minutes, was absolutely hysterical with not tears, but LAUGHTER!! He still talks about you almost a year later, and hopes he can see that “really funny magic guy” again sometime.”